iNoslen Radio Ep.136 P. Goods

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Fortunately for us we had a VERY special guest co-host on this week’s radio cast, our very own Bryant aka @BiggieWhit, Nichole’s boy, is out here giving you the lay down about who’s coming after Lil Wayne, and, ironically, Cash Money’s problems with money. P. Goods swoops in and gives a surprise interview, coming from the east coast scene, he’s happy to expose and share his Boston roots with his fellow fan base. Giving credit to his family, P's break in hip-hop started at a get together where he gave his first performance rapping in front of his loved ones. Following that high, Pete started channeling his passion and aggression, turning out chart topping beats that are unparalleled by any other artist. Boasting how he’s a “pro with the tools,” P. Goods is able to dive in to producing and editing as well as writing and performing his own music, a trait that is vital in any successful artist. Packed with good advice for upcoming artists, Pete shares his history on breaking in to the business, staying in it, and becoming the best possible artist hip-hop will ever see. You definitely won’t want to miss this popping podcast right here at iNoslen.


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