iNoslen Radio Ep.145 A-Quil

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Grinding and making gain throughout the week, Noslen and Dispute One are excited about adding a new format to the Sunday Edition and introducing artist Aquil to join them for this week’s show.  Make sure to listen till the end, to hear about the new formats of the Sunday Edition and how our listeners can now participate and join in to the conversation! We’d love to hear from you! Saluting St. Paul as his hometown, Aquil has been crafting music since 2000.  Beginning his journey belonging to a music group called Purest Form, Aquil has since branched out within the last two years, working on his solo career.  Influenced by the notorious track Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa, Aquil acknowledges Planet Rock as his first exposure to the hip-hop industry. The hosts unite and gossip about how that song was so unique for its time and how the song changed the hip hop industry by really putting the genre out there for people to enjoy like never before.  Aquil forces himself to stand out from others in the industry by continuously pushing his personal boundaries and trying to construct and invent his own voice, style, and mirror confidence in all that he does. Aquil likes to dapple in many different interests, such as between film and music.  Be on the look for Aquil’s new projects coming out shortly, including collaboration with our very own Sunday Edition host - DisputeOne. 


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