iNoslen Radio Ep.147 Trel Mack

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trel mack

Independently own and independently grown, this week’s Sunday Edition should inspire the listeners to continually reach for their goals. Noslen and Dispute are back at it again entertaining the listeners for this week’s version of the Sunday Edition. Always try to surprise the fans; the episode was the first one that was live streamed for the fans! Representing SKE Records, whom our very own host Noslen is apart of, Trel Mack graces to the show. Trel Mack returns to the iNoslen show, after debuting on the show on the second episode! Taking it back, Noslen gives the listeners a journey of Trel Mack’s journey from the first time he graced the show till what he is currently up to and how he has grew as an artist.  Trel Mack recently was blessed to receive the honor of #75 in the country for his tracks being played around the country. Anyone that understands the hard work independent artists put into their craft every single day, know that this is a dream come true that each independent artist aims to accomplish one day. Even though the show experiences technical difficulties, the show must go on and this episode isn’t one to miss.


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