iNoslen Radio Ep.149 Noslen and DisputeOne

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The dynamic duo is back at it again; our favorite hosts Noslen and Dispute One entertain listeners and bring them a special version of the Sunday Edition.  With no guest for this Sunday, the duo begins the show by chatting about their weeks and bring you everyone’s favorite: the news.  The on-air chemistry between Noslen and Dispute is not one to miss. Each bringing their own bubbly, vibrant, and hilarious personalities when clashed together, the two become a force to be reckon with.  They bring listeners the top new controversies in the hip hop industry like the Young Thug and Piles fight over Instagram, an Outcast Biopic, and the other most talked about stories from this week.  If you want to laugh, but also feel up to date on this week’s hot news then you won’t want to miss this version of the Sunday Edition. 


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