iNoslen Radio Ep.215 Katana Da Don

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If you missed the Sunday Edition show last night, you missed a good one! We had a special guest by the name of Katana Da Don. At the beginning of the show, Katana started off by telling us some background information about herself. She grew up in Pittsburgh, California, which she described as “country hood.” Good laughs! At the age of nine, she moved to Minnesota, due to the drug infestation in California. She first got into hip hop due to the fact that another woman told her they need more women in the industry. Katana was very instrumental with music, her dad was a musician, most of her life that’s what she was around. Katana’s first project was called “Catastrophic,” that came out in 2001. Katana talked about an upcoming project that she’s working on that she hopes is going to get more female artists exposure and put Minnesota more exposure as well. Talk about going hard for your city! To end the show, DisputeOne and Noslen got into some of the most talked about news. We all heard about Meek Mill and Game’s beef. Well, it looks like Meek Mill has finally agreed to fight back. Meek Mill announced he’s ready to fight The Game as he was on stage. To hear the whole episode, go check it out on our website!


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