iNoslen Radio Ep.219 YD of Wisco Kidz

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Are you ready for the Sunday Edition? Let's jump right into it. We had an amazing show. We started off with discussing how the hosts weekend went and talked about how important it is to get yourself together before you start any project. Our special guest for this Sunday Edition was YD. YD is a returning guest; the last time we heard from him was in beginning of the second season. YD discussed his music and how he’s trying to be versatile and switch it up every now and then. He’s working on a new project called “Wake Up 3,” that he’s been working on for about a year. He discussed the various artists he’s opened up for and how excited he is about the nonstop work he has been putting in. YD is now in the process of getting into merchandise and gave us an idea of what to expect on their website. Of course we had to wrap up the show with a couple of hot stories that are in the news. They mentioned A Tribe Called Quest has a new album out and Kanye West wants to run for president for 2020! To hear more from this episode go check it out on our website!


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