iNoslen Radio Ep.221 Mike Tux

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We're back with the Sunday Edition. Host, Noslen and co-host bring on a returning a guest, a special guest who is working with some dope artists. We welcome Mike Tux back on the show to promote his new collaborations and give us more updates. We learn about his new artist he's working with by the name of Kenny Sway. Kenny Sway is very diverse in his music, dabbing in some funk and r&b. Mike is also working in new genres such as hip hop,r&b, variety of genres on the album. In the news, the hosts discuss Kanye's rant and his support of President-elect Donald Trump. The guys also give their opinions on what Talib Kweli has to say to Kanye and more. Keep up with the current news and our hilarious commentary. We have some exciting new updates, a new segment called Core Culture, and all new interviews.

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