iNoslen Radio Ep.184 Hadiya

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For this Monday Mix, our hosts Noslen and DisputeOne interviewed R&B artist, Hadiya. She grew up near Atlanta, Georgia with her father, who taught her everything from recording to designing to promoting her own music. She wasn't interested in music at first, but because of her ancestors who were in the music business, she become an artist. She even created her own music at a very young age. Her first single, “I’ve Never Knew Love” inspired a lot of people. Since then, she has grown and discipline herself to become a great artist. With her new album, “Invasion” supports her vision: to reach out to people who have a vision and to spread the message of love. In the future, she will be releasing her new album, “Invasion,” promoting “Invasion,” be in interviews, and releasing another album. In our news segment, Beyoncé is the topic of discussion from the release of "Formation" which comments about police brutally and Kendrick will induct NWA into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tune into this Monday Mix. You don't want to miss this.

By: Faith Boyer


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