iNoslen Radio Ep.180 Noslen and Dispute One

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 If you missed this Monday Mix, things weren’t the same as a usual Monday for the show. There was not a female artist interview, but there were a lot of new topics in the latest celebrity gossip. Noslen and DisputeOne kept the show entertaining! Nos and Dispute spent the Monday catching up on all of the things that have been going on in their personal lives and careers as well as recaps and updates on the current events going on in pop culture, hip hop news and celebrity drama/beefs. So here is a snippet: Rita Orta is being released from her label. Who is Rita Ora anyways? Apparently her number of albums released, don’t add up to the amount she signed for. Nos also spends some time touching on what, in his opinion, sets an artist a part, what it’s like trying to find a new artist that is unique and different, and what he feels is important to the selection process. Tune in for this special news segment. You don’t want to miss it.

By: Alexis Sullins 


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