iNoslen Radio Ep.199 Rohan da Great

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We're back with the Sunday Edition. We took a little break to celebrate our moms for Mother's Day and now we are back in the swing of things. Our guest for this week's edition is Rohan Da Great. Three times a charm, Rohan comes back on the show to show us progress in his music and give us updates on what he has coming out. Last time, he was on the show he had just released his single, "Say Goodbye," which was an ode to his late grandmother. This time he is back with his latest single, "Stop Now," which is heating up radio stations worldwide. He talks to Noslen and DisputeOne about mixing genres, staying authentic to himself, and his growth lyrically. His updates include signing new artists to his label, touring, and really developing his advertising, music business and marketing. In the news, the hosts gives listeners a little etiquette for using Facebook live stream, Snapchat, and Periscope. DisputeOne talks about his bittersweet opinion after hearing that Rick Ross will be executive producing Nas' next project as well as Noslen explaining why it's important for this collaboration to happen. More news on George Zimmerman's epic fail of admitting to auction off his gun (that murder Trayvon Martin), and the rising questions of nominating mixtapes at the Grammy's. The hosts weigh in. Tune into for this episode of the iNoslen Radio Show!

Updates: No Thursday Throwdown for the next two weeks.


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