iNoslen Radio Ep.198 Shawn Archer

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It's the first of the month! Sunday Edition is back for another week. The hosts Noslen and DisputeOne bring on SKE Record's newest member Shawn Archer to the show. The North Philly native is here to give us an insight on what he has been up to. Shawn talks about his upbringing, his love for hip hop as well his upcoming plans, finishing up his project Swag & 808's, along with developing his style and brand. Shawn is on the come-up going from a rap group performing at house parties to signing with one of the dopest indie labels in Philly. With touring on the way, an energy drink, Conquer out, and a positive mindset and grind, it's safe to say Shawn is headed in the right direction. Another thing that headed in the right direction, is the news! The hosts gives us the details on Chris Brown's stalker, a new collaboration in the works with Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi and De La Soul's newest EP is out. Get all the scoop on this episode of iNoslen Radio.


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