iNoslen Radio Ep.213 CeeWhy

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We are back! for another great Sunday Edition with your hosts Noslen and DisputeOne. Today's show aired on Sept.11th and of course today is a day where people mourn and come together and try to heal from this tragedy. The host has a moment of silence for all of those victims and their families that had to endure 9/11. After that, the show picked up as usual, the two hosts catch up on what happened over the weekend. It was a good day in football due to both hosts' hometowns pulling victories: Tampa and Minnesota. So big ups! Also earlier today, Noslen aired his new show, Vibe Essential's first guest interview, which was Minnesota's own, Stress The Mad Hatter. Make sure you check out that show as well. Now for the Sunday Edition, the guys invited another Minnesota MC to the show and he goes by the name Cee-Why. Cee-Why, who has been in this game for a while, drops some knowledge on what he has seen and done in the industry. He reflects with DisputeOne on the other MCs who has made moves in their hometown and who has impacted the rap game, as well as themselves. Cee-Why also talks about his upbringings, how he invested in his dreams to become an artist after college, working on his next album, and moving to Atlanta and then moving back to Minnesota. The interview truly took listeners on a journey into the life of an MC and how life experiences can impact and shape his artistry and music. As for the news, there are three top stories that were discussed. Can you guess which ones were the most popular ones? We will give you a hint and it has something to do with an Outkast and The Dungeon Family reunion! Stay tuned for the news and hit play and enjoy the show! 


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