iNoslen Radio Ep.231 Amanda Mester

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It's another great week. The Sunday Edition is here and we have a very special guest tonight. N.O.S. and DisputeOne brought on one of hip hop's gems, Amanda Mester. You may know her from her thought-provoking and knowledgeable hip hop pieces on Ambrosia For Heads. The guys got to know Amanda as she talked about her upbringing, love for hip hop culture and how she embraced and pursued a career in journalism. 2010 was the year were everything changed for the good for Amanda. Keep it locked as she tells her story. The hosts discuss their admiration for hip hop culture and their quirks about Snapchat. In the news, Jadakiss shows his generosity and there's new business plans between Jay-Z and Fat Joe. Our Core Culture is a special one. On Jan 17, 1992, "Juice," the critical acclaimed film starring 2pac and Omar Epps, debuted. And it is their 25th anniversary that shows the aspect of DJing, betrayal, friendships and hip hop. DisputeOne breaks down the greatness of the film. Tune in for another great show.


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