iNoslen Radio Ep.232 Diligent

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It's the vibe Essential show and we are kicking it off with a returning guest. Noslen welcomed back Diligent on tonight's show and there was a lot of catching up to do. First off he has been on the move, making music solo and with his group Divine Suns. But Diligent took it back and described his musical upbringing for all the new listeners. It started in southwest Atlanta and being influenced by Kris Kross, who were classmates of his in middle school; even scoring his stage name by Daddy Mac. Diligent reminisces on the good times of starting this rap game as well as the ins and outs of rap battle. Since he has been doing rap battles for 15 years now, Diligent is the perfect person to talk to about what has changed with rap battles since the coming of new technologies and social media. Diligent also discuss how he prepared for his rap battle against Cue Morgan and how he adds personal elements about his opponents in his rhymes. You don't want to miss this interview. Get to know more about Diligent's "Legacy" album and what else he and his squad has planned for the rest of the year and just as we are finishing up the interview, Young Dro Stop by to visit Diligent and talks about an album he will be releasing with T.I. sometime this year plus hes working on artist development of an RnB, pop singer and more. You don't want to miss this show, so press play.

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