iNoslen Radio Ep.249 Mental Health and Hiphop

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On this Vibe Essential, the hosts touch on a serious topic: all about the drug abuse and mental health mention in hip hop. N.O.S and Brandon talk about the things that affects hip hop music and the constant promotion of substance abuse is one of them. As Future's "Mask Off" track is continuing to be another groundbreaking hit, the hosts dissect the lyrics. From the gritty reality of drug usage and how it can lead to other health issues, it is important to make the choice your own. However, since these new age rappers are promoting to the youth that using drugs is cool, it make be harder for teens to escape the peer pressure. The hosts dive into the drug-accepting culture in music from rock music to the evolution of hip hop and its messages. You don't want to miss this much-needed discussion. In the news, N.O.S and Brandon talk the Bow Wow Challenge, Chance the Rapper and 21 Savage. What could be going on with these guys? Listen up! Also new music from Divine Suns and Frank Castle will be played on tonight's show. Kick up your feet and relax. Tune into another great show.


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